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Capricorn In Retrograde: Macon’s Endangered Musical History
October 16, 2014, All Things Considered

The Atlanta Symphony Lockout Continues, Musicians Picket On Peachtree Street
September 28, 2014, Weekend Edition Sunday

Gay Teacher Files Sex Discrimination Claim Against Georgia School
July 9, 2014, Morning Edition

Agribusiness Funds ‘Farmland’ To Counter Hollywood Message
May 2, 2014, Morning Edition

On The Ballot In Georgia This Year: JFK
April 24, 2014, All Things Considered

Musicians, Take Note: Your Instrument May Be Contraband
April 7, 2014, All Things Considered

Georgia Clears The Road For Confederate-Themed License Plate
February 20, 2014, All Things Considered

Tech Innovator And Master Of Maps Dies At 80
February 13, 2014, All Things Considered

Ga. Voters Surprised Macon Election Change Isn’t Challenged
February 6, 2014, Morning Edition

This Woman Goes To The Dogs — And Spays Many Of Them
January 27, 2014, All Things Considered

Rep. Scott: Tired Of U.S. Getting Involved World’s Disputes
September 5, 2013, Morning Edition

Sequestration Has Georgia Town On Edge
August 12, 2013, Morning Edition

Ga. Center Takes Pets When Families Have To Evacuate
May 30, 2013, Morning Edition

Some Ga. Schools Make Mandarin Mandatory
September 8, 2012, Weekend Edition Saturday

Indiana Law Targets ‘Explicit’ Books
May 27, 2008, All Things Considered

Indiana Primary: Late, But Not Least
April 17, 2008, All Things Considered

Indiana Conservancy Inherits Toxic Waste Dump
January 3, 2008, Morning Edition


The South is more likely to hand out corporate subsidies
June 2, 2014

Hospitals save money by doing surgery for free
May 6, 2014

When rural hospitals close, towns struggle to stay open
April 10, 2014

Where Obamacare is shunned, insurance brokers step in
March 19, 2014

Want the REALLY spicy Chinese dish?
January 24, 2014

Why blind internet users are angry with Google, CAPTCHA
January 1, 2014

Typewriters, somehow, still in demand
November 13, 2013

The link between football and male college students
August 22, 2013

 The supply and demand of pound puppies
July 29, 2013


Why Hot Cars Are So Deadly
July 21, 2014

District Profile: Georgia’s 12th Congressional
June 12, 2014

South Braces For Winter Storm
February 12, 2014

Georgia Prepares For Winter Storm
February 11, 2014

Town At Center Of Sandusky Scandal Remains Divided
November 2, 2012


Despite Botched Executions, Georgia Inmate Put to Death
June 18, 2014

How Mariah Carey Won Christmas
December 23, 2014


Macon Officials Say New Gun Law Is Driving Performers Away From Public Venues
June 4, 2014

Sandy Springs Sex Toys Ban Could End Up In U.S. Supreme Court
May 23, 2014

Georgia Works To Preserve ‘Equalization Schools’ Designed To Make Segregation More Palatable
May 16, 2914

Pieces Of Macon’s Civil War History Are Literally In The Walls
April 18, 2014

Georgia Officials Have Limited Options To Save Rural Hospitals
April 11, 2014

Keyboardist Paul Hornsby: Music Bound Macon And Muscle Shoals Together
February 27, 2014

Toronto Businessman Buys Vacant Downtown Macon Hotel Tower
February 26, 2014

To Dismay Of Craft Brewers, Georgia Sticking With ‘Three-Tier’ System
February 17, 2014

Macon Animal Shelter Break-In Might Not Have Been What It Seemed
January 29, 2014

Singer Percy Sledge Returns To Macon
October 11, 2013

Little Richard Gets Hometown Honors
May 12, 2013

Sequester Hits Ocmulgee Monument
April 15, 2013

Voting Rights Act Still Relevant In Georgia
February 26, 2013

All Quiet, One Year After Macon Kroger Shooting
December 20, 2013, Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Radio Writing

Pilot Program Helps Rural Georgia Probationers Stay Out Of Prison
December 10, 2013

Macon Interstate Project Opens Old Wound
December 3, 2012

Missing Korean War Soldier Comes Home
April 6, 2012


How Northeastern University Scientists Measure Jealousy In A Lab
July 4, 2012

Why New England Almost Seceded Over The War Of 1812
June 15, 2012

Leonard Nimoy: Commencement Wisdom And West End Memories
May 21, 2012

Visionaries: Author M.T. Anderson, Pioneer Of Smart Young Adult Fiction
May 1, 2012

Boston Initiative Trains Intellectually Disabled Teens To Resist Abuse
April 11, 2012

Jamaica Plain’s Dodecagonal House
April 5, 2012

Boston Food Truck Operators Struggling, Frustrated By Regulations
March 7, 2012

Unprecedented Dolphin Strandings Wear Rescuers Thin
February 10, 2012

N.H. Primary 101: A Night For The Lesser-Knowns
December 21, 2011

Primary 101: New Hampshire’s Fading Tradition Of Retail Politics
December 9, 2011

Mobile Slaughterhouse Keeps Local Farmers Moving
September 12, 2011

Bringing Oysters Back To Boston Harbor
July 15, 2011

Jay Cutler, Local Bodybuilder, Makes It Big
May 9, 2011

At 50, The Cape Cod National Seashore Is Literally Washing Away
April 5, 2011

Radiation In Japan Scary, Probably Not As Dangerous
March 22, 2011

Regulatory Hurdles Drive Up Cost Of Boston Cabs
February 15, 2011

Boston’s Cabs Are Most Expensive Anywhere
February 14, 2011

Harvard Exhibit Moves ‘Tangible Things’ Out Of Place
February 2, 2011

Suburbs See Uptick In Ticks
November 26, 2010

BU Celebrates Violinist Totenberg On His 100th
November 19, 2010

Scapes: What A Sculpture Park Sounds Like
October 11, 2010

Irish Archeologists Search For Their Countrymen In Lowell
August 20, 2010

Is Boston The Windier City?
June 21, 2010

Plugging The Boston Brain Drain
May 27, 2010

Crosswalk Buttons Don’t Do Anything! Except When They Do
May 10, 2010