The Pub

The Pub is Current’s weekly podcast about public and nonprofit media, hosted by Adam Ragusea. New episodes are posted every Thursday. 


You can subscribe to The Pub via iTunes or your favorite podcasting app, or listen directly through your web browser. Leaving a rating and a comment will help boost our search results and allow people to find the show more easily!

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Contact The Pub

Adam Ragusea (host)
Mike Janssen (supervising producer)

If you’d like to offer a comment to be used in the program, please send on-mic tape (recorded in a studio, with a kit, a smartphone, anything) to either as an attachment or through Google Drive. Please keep it short!

Who’s Listening

“Host Adam Ragusea is leading conversations that everyone in public media wants to have or, more often, needs to have. He also provides much-needed coverage and analysis of the least-covered part of the media business.”
Mark Stencel
Digital Fellow, Poynter


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